2021’s Fully into Focus and Bitcoin’s Still Rising: Why?

Image Credit to Worldspectrum via Pexels

Why Bitcoin’s Digital Gold: A Reminder

From October 2020 to now, the common thread in all of the institutional in-flow into Bitcoin is the realization of what both digital scarcity and decentralized governance really mean for investors and the global financial system at-large. Finally, there’s a macro-hedge that is truly beginning to break away from just about every other market in terms of its’ correlations. As Raoul Pal says, “Bitcoin is a life raft” and that life raft takes investors of all classes away from the chaos of the global financial system and towards a new one that’s being built with decentralization at its’ heart.

What happens next for Bitcoin?

The age of reliable ROI from all traditional markets isn’t dead yet, but it’s on shaky footing. As COVID-19 began to worsen, many of us experienced the true power of government-driven market manipulation for the first time and realized that a better savings technology wouldn’t just be great to have, it’s needed.



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Ian LeViness

Ian LeViness


Experienced Cryptocurrency Educator- currently at @Serotonin